Visual abstraction

After our seminar on visual abstraction, I started looking into the website for ideas for my spot motion animation. I wanted a colourful and textured piece of work so that it could stand apart from the rest of my blog. Also using different colours will give me the freedom to experiment with colour field, what looks good next to certain colours/textures.

                                                           Paint Showers

               Animator Miguel Jiron unleashes an abstract storm of paint in the colourful      animated short, “Paint Showers.” Jiron creat10703498_1498928597039575_7753015470969341498_ned the 2011 stop motion animation by applying paint to a pane of glass.


This colourful animation has influenced me even more so into using paint as a medium. For my development I will use paper as my background at first and then move onto different materials (wood,glass,etc) when I have a strong idea of exactly what will happen in my storyline.


Task 2 – Photo and Time

Temporal Expressions


Pearblossom Highway, 1986. 11th – 18th April.

In this task we were given, I have been influenced by David Hockney’s Pearblossom Highway, using different layers of time to create one image. In 1985 Hockney took up using photographic experiments whilst working on other technological projects. Using this technique I will photograph in the forrest near where I live to capture the difference in light from night to dawn and then till late morning so that I will have a vary of colours in the sky and also the light reflecting off the trees and scenery. 

I have based my Cycle theme of the cycle of the sun and the relationships between light and objects. This will give me enough freedom to experience with the difference mediums I will be using through-out the duration of the brief.

Animation – Task 3


For my animation task I started looking at stop motion clips through YouTube. I found a video that really intrigued me into trying to use stop motion myself.

For my project i will be developing my idea of using white board then maybe using acrylic paint to bring extra colour and texture to my animation. The story board for my stop motion will be the next post! Links below

Stop Motion | Whiteboard Animation: The Marker Maker

Published on May 21, 2010The Marker Maker is a fun stop motion whiteboard animation.

Music and Animation created by Jonny Lawrence.
Voice by Eckhart Tolle.

All of the Eckhart Tolle recordings originate from his audiobook ‘Realising the Power of Now’.

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Introduction Week 

We were given our briefs, and sent on our way this morning. We need to go to certain areas about Bournemouth and Poole, take group photos together and the group with the most members of they’re group photo wins!

We also had a few little tasks on the side, buy a sketch book and draw a mind-map. My mind map is titled “What are my expectations of my 3 years at Bournemouth University”. After thinking about this question for a few days, I wrote down my expectations after reflecting my past experience of University life I realised that, I want to get the best degree and give myself the best chance in making something in this world.