Processing Task 2

Walking Man

In this workshop, we were asked to use photoshop to make a small animation of a stick man walking forward. I found this task difficult with lack of experience. But after asking my fellow class mates if they wouldn’t mind working within a group. Once all together, we managed to get the man walking. I feel I work well in groups so that I can learn quicker with everyone else. 


Processing Task 1


 In our workshops, we have been given small tasks so that we can develop our technical skills. Having never practiced this before, I feel I have to take my time learning little bits so that it stays with me. For our first challenge, we were asked to write code in Processor.  Below is a photograph of the work we didSmall Colour Dots

Temporal Expressions Task 2

For our temporal expressions task we were asked to take photographs using shutter speeds so that movement can be seen. This photograph was taken in the pouring rain in the late afternoon. I like the way the colours merge together in the top centre, as I was taking the photo the traffic lights turned green and the cars began to move away from me dragging the colour with in. I will be using this technique with upcoming tasks to experiment with the movement of colour. 

Visual abstraction

After our seminar on visual abstraction, I started looking into the website for ideas for my spot motion animation. I wanted a colourful and textured piece of work so that it could stand apart from the rest of my blog. Also using different colours will give me the freedom to experiment with colour field, what looks good next to certain colours/textures.

                                                           Paint Showers

               Animator Miguel Jiron unleashes an abstract storm of paint in the colourful      animated short, “Paint Showers.” Jiron creat10703498_1498928597039575_7753015470969341498_ned the 2011 stop motion animation by applying paint to a pane of glass.


This colourful animation has influenced me even more so into using paint as a medium. For my development I will use paper as my background at first and then move onto different materials (wood,glass,etc) when I have a strong idea of exactly what will happen in my storyline.